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Across The Aisle with John Kinyon

Free recording from an online event
Took place on 🗓️ Sunday, October 15th

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An event with CNVC-certified trainer John Kinyon.

Healing the divides in our relationships, families, communities, and society, one conversation at a time.

Polarization has had a devastating impact on our families, friendships, community, and our nation at large. These are the times that can define us. Will we give into patterns of reacting to our differences with disconnection or will we courageously choose understanding, connection, and cooperation in our shared humanity?

In this session we will experience the essence of the process: a conversation with an empathic structure of taking turns mindfully speaking and listening, focusing on understanding rather than agreement, and connecting with what we share in common — our human feelings and needs/values/desires.

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NVCRising Learning Community

Discover our Learning Community Program starting December 2nd, 2023


Learning Community

We are super excited to announce the opening of
a new cycle of our 10-month
Learning Community.

All time zones will be covered | Peek into the course highlights.

This 10 month-long deep dive invites the development of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as an art, a consciousness, and, in its fullness, a lifelong learning path for cultivating deeply connective relationships.

At the heart of this course are simple yet deep personal practices for listening empathically through tough conversations, finding common ground and speaking your truth with power and compassion.

Do you want to experience NVC learning in community?

Diverse topics + beloved trainers

Learn from inspiring CNVC - certified trainers a diverse set of topics

Empathy buddies and homegroups

Connect deeply, build trust and show yourself with small group practices and empathy buddies

Online community platform

Share you experience, connect to others, access all recordings and recources


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