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5th Cohort starts November 2024
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Open to All Levels: Advanced Learners and Beginners Alike

10 Months
Global Online Program

The Learning Community
Dive Deep Into
Nonviolent Communication

This year-long deep dive invites the development of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as an art, a consciousness, and, in its fullness, a lifelong learning path for cultivating deeply connective relationships. At the heart of this course are simple yet deep personal practices for listening empathically through tough conversations, finding common ground, and speaking your truth with power and compassion.
6 Times
Per Month
3-hour workshops with one of our trainers
2-hour workshops of community building, peer work and home groups.
Learning Community
Experience conscious community building with NVC tools and learn a model you can generate anywhere you go.
Pair up
With one or more practice partners in empathy buddies and trios (changing each 2-3 months).

With a home group that will become your intimate community inside the larger community for this year.
Empathy care and assistants team
Support by an experienced trusted team, who are there to support the flow of the learning, practices and community building. 

1 : 1 empathy whenever you need such support during a session. 
The Program Opens With
5 immersion workshops led by the NVC Rising team including:

- Getting to know the group
- Learning / Revisiting / Refreshing     the basics of NVC 
- Methods of grounding our NVC         practice in our daily lives 
Practice Teaching and Holding
Jump into the water of sharing NVC and leading practice groups in a supportive environment.
NVC in Action
Envision and support NVC change-making projects around the world.

When we move together we have more energy for visioning, brainstorming, supporting each other's dreams and co-create.

These sessions are dedicated for helping all of us moving our baby NVC  projects forward.
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Learning Community


One course at different times of the day

The new schedule structure offers more flexibility for you than the previous courses and is still designed to fit all time zones around the globe!

"Community Sessions" happen twice, in 2 interchanging time slots. You can even join twice if you feel like it!

Trainer workshops happen on interchanging time slots. Most of them will fit your awake times and still, some will not. It’s planned like this, as there is an abundance of trainer workshops!

For the workshops that are in your night time - wake up with us or watch the recording later, it’s up for you to decide!

Also we won’t pressure you to come if you simply can’t make it.

All sessions take place on a Saturday and/or Sunday (or in special cases in Australia/NZ also can be Mondays).

Gradient Ocean

from participants

"Thank you very much for this amazing treat, a great space to learn, share and grow.

"There are tears of love and joy and mourning in my heart now. I've grown so much."

"I have already, thanks to your guidance, become more aware of what matters to me."

"I LOVE this group so much!! Many needs met. Thank you for enhancing my life and inspiring me in many ways."

"I love how people are coming together online in further practice and home groups and how more networking and extending practice and action into the world is happening, so greatly appreciate if that continues :)"

"I'm just grateful for all the work you all have put into making this possible. It's been wonderful to connect with NVC practitioners all over the world"

I want to say this has been a hugely positive experience for me giving me a lot of hope for the future. I am a total NVC beginner, and I think if I had entered a standard first NVC workshop, I might not have liked it. The content here is so nuanced and incorporates so many things I didn't even know were part of NVC. It's been enormously life-changing.

"I have never been so engaged with an online program like this. Deepest gratitude for the smooth run and the amazing speakers"


Program Prices

+100 HOURS

Live Workshops, Live Practice Sessions, Community Events, and More...

Reading a Book


sliding scale
$1500 - $3,000 / year
$153 - $300 / month

1450€ - 3000€ / year
145€ - 300€ / month
1- time payment or monthly installments
Chatting Over Coffee

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