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Following the footsteps of Marshall Rosenberg in Palestine - Israel 

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Saturday, October 1, 2022 - 09:00 am PDT 

12:00 EST // 13:00 Buenos Aires // 18:00 CEST // 19:00 Jerusalem

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This is a community eventWe will get the chance to hear about the Ecome community and will also get the chance to share in small groups with people from around the world. By doing so,  we hope to co-create and build the global NVC community (this is part of our mission at NVC RISING).

ECOME was an Israeli - Palestinian centre and STILL IS an NVC-based community. Join Ecome members to hear how NVC supported the Palestinian- Israeli community with questions of privilege, race, and systemic power structures, in the reality of living together in the heart of the west bank.

When we founded NVC Rising and created the first global festival in less than 3 weeks, we already had tons of trust and long years of friendship.


This is what actually made it possible. As members and holders of the ECOME centre, we used NVC on a daily basis. This was our tool, our language, and even our “saviour” when facing the complex reality that is a given, when Israelis and Palestinians decide against all odds, to live together with no wall, no weapons, and with a few tents, compost toilets and a 24/7 open gate.


ECOME hosted thousands of people hosting live programs about Nonviolence. NVC was at the core of living and working together.


“In this event, we will share what is dear to us, what we have created on our land and hearts, our hopes and celebrations, as well as share our mournings, loss and sense of helplessness that is part of the cycle and nature of this work.

We invite you to join us for this extremely special event.

For us, it's a little bit like talking about the ancestors of NVC Rising, as well as talking about a place and a community that means the world to us.

If you want to learn more about ECOME you can read about it on this Facebook page “beyond the land”  and watch this movie trailer.

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Ismail Asaad (Palestine)


Racheli Zohar (Israel)


Greta Parnes (USA)


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This 10 month-long deep dive invites the development of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as an art, a consciousness, and, in its fullness, a lifelong learning path for cultivating deeply connective relationships.

At the heart of this course are simple yet deep personal practices for listening empathically through tough conversations, finding common ground and speaking your truth with power and compassion.

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