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How Nonviolent Communication changed my life
The NVC Rising team in a personal intimate storytelling panel
about how NVC changed the life of each of us

Sunday 11th of September 2022 - 09:00 CEST 

10:00 Jerusalem // 12:30 New Delhi // 16:00 Japan // 15:00 Singapore // 17:00 Sydney // 21:00 Honolulu

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In a special event, we created for you, to get to know us, the team that is behind the scenes of the LearnINg Community 10-month program.

Each of us at the NVC Rising team has a story to tell on how NVC is creating a daily meaningful impact on their lives. 

After being behind the scenes for the last two years, we decided to create a storytelling event where WE will share about our own lives, and how NVC was and is creating a massive change in them. 

The first part of this event will be about us and the second part of it will be about YOU - as you'll get the chance to share in smaller groups what NVC Brings to your life, and of course, also hear from others around the world.

This is a COMMUNITY EVENT, as this is what we want to co-create and build with all of you together.


Goni zil pic.jpg

Goni Zilberman

Goni will share how NVC is supporting her life,  living in Israel and being part of an Israeli - Palestinian family, dealing with deep questions of belonging and trust.


Conie Khamati

Conie will talk about how NVC has shaped my healing amidst life's turmoils, as well as helped me establish and enhance healthy boundaries towards striking a balance between self-care and contribution to others

henner pjhoto.png

Henner Bruch

Henner will talk about how NVC helped him access a hidden world of feelings, needs and how it supports him in everyday life.


Shahar Dagan

Shahar will share how NVC opened the door for him to feel empowered, less often a victim of certain situations, and could transform his shyness into a useful thing. Along with boosting connection in his intimate relationships.


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Conflict Café

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With Reethah Desai

Conflict Café(s)
Getting comfortable and confident with conflict to navigate everyday life “because conflict is inevitable and resolution is possible”
Unresolved conflict can impact our well-being, making it essential to address. Conflict Café is a relaxed, friendly, and enjoyable space where you can build confidence in handling everyday conflicts.
This offering will be offered by Reethah Desai and will take place several times during the course.
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Learning Community

This 10 month-long deep dive invites the development of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as an art, a consciousness, and, in its fullness, a lifelong learning path for cultivating deeply connective relationships.

At the heart of this course are simple yet deep personal practices for listening empathically through tough conversations, finding common ground and speaking your truth with power and compassion.

We are super excited to announce the opening of
2 new cycles of our 10-month deep dive.

All time zones will be covered | See the full program


Do you want to experience NVC learning in community?

Diverse topics + beloved trainers

Learn from inspiring CNVC - certified trainers a diverse set of topics

Empathy buddies and homegroups

Connect deeply, build trust and show yourself with small group practices and empathy buddies

Online community platform

Share you experience, connect to others, access all recordings and recources

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