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Is this program suited for beginners?

Yes, this program is a great way to start learning NVC. At the same time it also contains more advanced content. We believe that a combination of both basic and advanced learning can actually support all people that are involved.  

Can I miss a session?

Absolutely, we recognize that with a yearly commitment, and different time zones, there may be occasions where sessions can't be attended. The course is designed with the thought behind that most participants will miss some or few sessions during the year.

Can I join other time zone slots A, B, C?

Absolutely, this year we are offering full flexibility and you can join all sessions regardless of your time zone is or what you've specified in the registration form.

How can I catch up in case I miss a session?
All sessions are recorded and you can take part in the Community RePlay. As well simply access the recording yourself. See more info here

How will the recorded material be used?

Meetings will be recorded and used internally + Community RePlays.

Full recorded session content will be available for the private use of course participants. You are welcome to read more about recordings here.

We may also use part of the recording for marketing and publicity across a range of media. If you do not wish to be recorded, then switch off your camera and microphone for the whole duration of the session.

How do we stay connected when each of us is in a different country, location and time zone?
The "NVC Learning Community Network" will be our virtual hang out place. Where we keep in touch, share from ourselves in the time between classes, drop messages to each other, discuss a session, ask questions or just celebrate something wonderful that has happened.
Endless options and it will be what we make of it.
This will be available on our computers and also via our phones, when you would like to keep us all in your pocket (as an app) :)
The vision is to walk together and empower each other, witness each other, and just be together, using the most advanced tech tools currently available for us.
You’ll also get an invitation to join the NVC Learning Community Network 3 weeks before the course starts, so you can already get to know the other participants.

I really want to attend, but the course times are exactly on our evening routine, what can I do?

We see this course as something that can transform lives. The course takes place maximum 4 times per month. By taking the time for it despite all existing limitations, you are gifting yourself a precious opportunity. We understand the difficulties for parents and advise to simply check if there is another person available to support you in attending? Your partner if you have one, a family member? A friend or a babysitter?

Are the hours in this course counted for the CNVC Certification Process?

Generally, all our “Trainer-led workshops” are all with CNVC-certified trainers and counted as hours for the certification process. Please be aware that it may vary from assessor to assessor, how many online hours they accept as part of a candidate's learning.

What makes the “Learning community” special?

As far as we know, the “Learning Community” is the only year-long (10 months) program that is offered globally and involves a wide variety of trainers from around the world

(some year-long (and wonderful) courses are offered by 1-2 trainers leading them). 

We aim to include in our trainer team leading trainers that bring a diverse range of approaches to what is generally called “NVC”. This diversity is making this experience one of a kind!


As trainers are changing during the year, one other beautiful component that we insisted on having in the program is -  building community.

The NVC Rising team has over 15 years of experience (each !) in building communities. 

We believe that this is what humanity needs now. And we are here to create it. 

In this program, we will learn, experience, practice and lead together different methods of community building with NVC tools, such as: 

  • Empathic check-ins, practising sharing and receiving from the heart.

  • Community Circle: Hearing voices in the community, What is alive in us.

  • Meditations for self-connection 

  • Celebrations and mournings

  • Home groups

  • Empathy buddies and Trios

  • Dyad meditation

  • Small groups practice teaching

  • NVC games or other content the group wishes to offer

  • Personal Meetings with the team on the program break time

  • Gift circles

  • And much more!

What does "Practice Teach" mean?

“Practice teach” is a chance for anyone who is either new at teaching or wishes to practice a new teaching technique or exercise, to invite a small group of participants to join them in a separate group. You will get the chance to lead participants through an exercise/short mini session, in a supportive environment and then request a supportive feedback process in the spirit of NVC.

Registration fee & Cancelation Policy
At any point after registering for the program, before/after the course started: The registration fee is generally non-refundable. It is the way we can assure that whoever intends to participate really can make it. However, in exceptional cases please talk to us.
See here the full cancelation policy.
Can I be a helper in the course and pay less?

There is an option to join in as an assistant. Assistants do not pay tuition. There are quite some requirements from assistants. You can read the full role description here and apply on this form.

Cancellation policy
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